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'Emida Bee'  the best labradoodle ever.

Our Mission

Thank you for checking out 'Emida Bee' Labradoodles.    They 'Emida Bee' the best labradoodles ever.  We desire to help everyone find the perfect labradoodle match.  We love our fur babies and want you to have a wonderful experience choosing the right dog.  We are committed to finding the perfect homes for each of our adorable puppies.










Our job is to produce quality labradoodles and we take that job seriously.  Currently prices are standard, no increase for females and no difference between colors.

However, each dam will have a different cost for her litter, depending on her pedigree.

Click on 'Available Puppies ' to see individual prices


When we have a litter ready we will announce here and on FB!  

You may put your name on a certain dam's list for her next litter and we'll contact you when they come.  When you put down a non-refundable deposit, it will ensure your place in line to pick!

After the non-refundable deposit is made,  one or two more payments are needed, the last being at 8 weeks.


What is a labradoodle?  Well, it's exactly what it sounds like...a mix between a labrador and a poodle! This combination creates very smart, very loving, low allergen dogs in a variety of colors and hair curliness.

An F1 Labradoodle is a puppy from a full poodle parent and a full lab parent.  An F1b puppy is a F1 puppy 'back bred' to a full poodle or lab.  Our puppies are all F1.


Our Dogs

We have three wonderful dogs that our children adore.


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